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  PRICES: Transport is included only inside the Italian territory. Purchases having final destination Italy should be made accessing from the Italian web page.
Transportation outside Italy is not included in the price of the present English site. The Buyer should send his request through the form in the “Buy the product page” or to send an e-mail to: After analyzed the destination it will be proposed to the Buyer a transportation solution with cost estimation.

The prices are valid for available products and can be changed to ours unquestionable judgment. For particular requests the expenses of transport are calculated in function to the order, in base to the weight and the volume of the material.
FISCAL CODE – FISCAL IDENTIFICATION: In base to the publication of the law 4 August 2006 ns. 248, (conversion of the decree-law 4 July 2006 ns. 223), that has restored the obligation of the presentation of the enclosures Customers/Suppliers for the year 2006, the new norms for the insertion in the Order of the F.C - F.I. following result:
- Firms: To point out the Fiscal Code (obligatory) or Fiscal Identification,   if different
- Individual firms: To point out the Fiscal Code of the Holder   (obligatory) and the Fiscal Identification (obligatory)
- Private: To point out the Fiscal Code (obligatory)
Such data must be inserted in the Order Form in the cell for the billing data to the voice (Additional data).
CONSIGNMENTS: The prices shown in the present site foresee deliveries effected with POSTE Italiane “service Postacelere”. The transport foresees the insurance of the commodity. Possible alternative Couriers must expressly be signalized from the Buyer or can be suggested by us case by case. Always the costs of transport will be informed by e-mail. In case it was not possible to deliver the Order for unavailability of some products, we will send an informative e-mail to the Client within the 24 following working hours. The commodity is prepared and delivered to the Forwarder in the 24/48 following hours from the receipt of the order. The delivery to the address indicated in phase of Order, it will happen within 1/5 working days if destination is Italy and within 3/10 working days for the others Countries in Europe. The day of the departure of the commodity will be advised by e-mail. If the commodity cannot be delivered for unavailability of the Buyer or for other reason not imputable to us or to the Forwarder, all the further expenses of transports, warehouse, will be debited to the Buyer.
For the consignments in Italy we can actually manage orders online to kg. 25 of weight, for superior quantities you can directly contact us by mail, by fax or for telephone.
For consignments to foreign Countries, according to the place of destination the surest and advantageous solution will be proposed to the Buyer. This information will be suggested by e-mail and only after written approval and the issue of the payment the commodity will be shipped.
CLAIMS: Possible claims for damage or tampering during the transport must be claimed in writing to the Courier. Every other claim for commodity sold by us should be informed in writing within 8 days from the receipt, reporting the number and the date of the document of accompaniment. After that period claims will be no more accepted.
PAYMENTS: The payment can be made with system PAYPAL, credit cards VISA and Mastercard, Letter of credit, Internet banking transaction, or other method previously agreed. We will process the purchase order after having received the money on our bank account. To accelerate the delivery of the products, the Buyer can send to us, by e-mail or fax, copies of the receipt of transaction issued by the Bank.
Per cui utilizzare la carta di credito su Internet si rivela più sicuro dell’effettuazione di una transazione classica che capita di fare frequentemente negli esercizi convenzionati.
WARRANTY: All the products are guaranteed from vices or defects of manufacture. Treating of products mono-component, possible not conformity must be informed before the use of the product. Verified the not conformity on our site the product will be replaced.
RIGHT OF RECESS: The Buyer, can use the right of recess or afterthought, re-sending the product purchased within 10 days from the date of reception, in its entire wrapping. However the shipping and handling are not reimbursable; a fixed expense is debited in concept of order preparation, quantified in 5,00 Euro.
RHESUSES: Are accepted for the substitution the defective products, returning in theirs original packaging, where our number of returning authorization (NAR…) will be shown in well visible way.
To get the number of authorization to the rhesus (NAR) to send by e-mail or fax pointing out the date of the purchase, number of invoice or other document of sale and indicating the defect found. Substitutions are subordinate to the technical verification of the rhesus from the producer. Eventual consignments without authorization to the rhesus, will be rejected.
CAUSES OF MAJOR FORCES: In every case of majors forces (strikes, natural calamity,...) or accidental case, we won't be responsible for the delay or the missed delivery and we will have the faculty to resolve in everything or partly the contract or to suspend it or postpone its execution.
We reserve the faculty to bring, without any warning, constructive changes with the purpose to improve the technical qualities, functional and aesthetics of the products in sale, and to modify their price in every moment.
COMPETENCE: For any controversy will be competent the “Foro di Cagliari (CA)” or that of the place of residence of the Buyer, if situated in the territory of the Italian State.
ATTENTION: All the communications between our firm and the Buyer should happen through the e-mail informed in the Order or other communications; we invite you therefore to carefully check it, otherwise we could not contact you.
For every further information you can contact us, we are always to your complete disposition.
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